WordPress Advantages are numerous and I wanted to share some of them. Why WordPress is preferred over other platforms?? This is one of the most asked questions by my clients or other good friends I know when I prefer WordPress for designing websites while there are many other platforms to build a website. Get through this article and by the end, you will get to know why I prefer WordPress over other tools.

The most common inception about WordPress is that it has very limited functions and cant be used for websites which require robust functions other than just blogging. But it is completely wrong. WordPress offers enough functionalities to build sites like tech crunch or ted blog to other big websites like Sony Music. Yes, all the listed websites are built using WordPress technology. It supports the stats that out 35% of websites are powered by WordPress. Ranging from a simple personal website to a website with slot booking feature, a vast type of website are there that can be developed using WordPress. Here is the list of most WordPress advantages we get when it is used to build a website.

Open Source and ease of customization

Wordpress Advantages

The main reason to opt for WordPress is that it is an Open Source Platform which costs nothing and can be easily understood by a layman and also it has the flexibility to customize everything in the backend with our own theme and functionalities if it was handled by a geek with good coding knowledge. Installing WordPress in our server is way easier and transparent process is followed which can be done with no hassles.

Availability of Plugins & Themes


With thousands of plugins and themes available to download and install in a WordPress site, the limits of WordPress are much expanded. The main reason for newbies to get into WordPress is that there is less part of coding to be done in the development process of WordPress as there is a plugin for each function we require. But still, there should be enough technical knowledge over design parameters, website terminology and an overview of the entire working of the websites to face no difficulties with managing the websites. Selecting proper themes and plugins play a key role in WordPress maintenance, as there are a lot of junk plugins with vulnerable codes inserted in them which will eventually be the reason for your site to be hacked and all the work to go in vain. There are few plugins which are essential for any kind of WordPress like a plugin which provides SEO features, etc.


Support to media files

WordPress offers great support for all kinds of media files, being a designer I come across various formats all the day and I never saw an error message in WordPress dashboard saying that this file is not supported by WordPress. All the major file formats like .jpg, .png, .gif .pdf, .doc, .pptx, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, .mov, .wmv, and .avi.. WordPress also supports file types which are rarely used like .odt, .key, .ogg, and .3gp. The only issue we face in WordPress with file formats it doesn’t support SVG file format completely. As SVG file is an XML file and it is more vulnerable to attacks when compared to other file formats. But there are few tweaks which made us possible to upload SVG files to WordPress media.

WordPress Community

One other thing that WordPress is the wonderful community it has got on the internet globally. There are many forums for WordPress learners and enthusiasts where they share knowledge and help each other when any one of them face any issue. Just post your issue in any of the forums or Facebook groups about the issue and you are most likely to receive the solution from across the fellow users of WordPress.

SEO & Responsive Friendly

WordPress is an SEO & Responsive friendly platform which aims to bring up your site listed in the best possible place for the content provided in the website and also it has inbuilt adaptability to scale according to the screen size which is known as a responsive feature. Wherever a WordPress site is opened, whether it may be Laptop, Tablet or mobile the layout of the website fits best to the screen size with customised menu and widgets for the mobile version of the website.

There are many other advantages why WordPress is preferred than the other tools which are present in the market, these are the most important ones in my view and are the most helpful features for the website.

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